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Attorney's, whether your understaffed, just starting your firm,
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Our Service will allow you to devote more time to your firm.
We will take care of all the paperwork and filing. So sit back,
relax while we get the work done!
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How it works:
-Click on "Start Now" (or if batch filing click here)
-Print out your Client Intake form
-Have your client fill the intake forms out completely.
-Review completed forms to make sure all areas are properly completed.
-Fax the client intake form, Attorney cover page, pay stubs, Credit Report
and         additional documentation to 562-634-4184 or
email attachment.
-You will receive your documents in 3-4 days.
Complete Payment. (we can also an e-bill your firm after review of your petition)
Steps after receiving your documents:
-Meet with your client(s) for review of documents and Electronic Declaration signing;
-Note changes (if any) on the Schedules and forms;
-Fax us any changes, Certificate(s) of Counseling and Electronic Declaration;
-We will make the necessary changes and file your petition electronically.
-We can keep your credit card information on file for ECF payment or you can complete  
-payment process after we fax you the notice of Bankruptcy filing.
-We will email you the final Bankruptcy petition in pdf format
***Fee includes completion of Official form 23 and filing of Financial Management Certificate***
Our fees:                                         
Our fees change depending on district. Please see our fees page for additional information.

When we prepare post confirmation documents for your office, we prepare the fee
application for free!

All fees are due upon submission of draft. Fees can be paid by credit or debit using Paypal.
We service Licenced Attorney's,
we do not give legal advise.
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obtaine their Credit Counseling Certificate.
If your client's enter code:
213124, we can download
their Credit report and Certificate directly from Cricket
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